Religious Literacy

Polls show that Americans are religiously illiterate, but what is religious literacy and how do we attain it? Watch these videos and learn more about religious literacy.

Stereotypes of Islam

Stereotypes of Islam permeate American culture from news stories to television shows. Not only do these stereotypes foster a culture of fear and violence, they prevent people from learning about Islam. Watch these videos to learn more about Islam.

The Bible

The Bible plays a vital role in the lives of Christians, but they often disagree on what it means. How have Christian communities interpreted this sacred text? How do the interpretations of faith communities differ from those of scholars? Watch these videos and learn more about biblical interpretation.


Rituals constitute a vital part of religion, but what exactly is ritual? How do rituals function and how might we study them? Watch these videos and learn more about religion and ritual.

Religion and the Body

Religion is an embodied practice. Scholar Brent Plate writes, "without the senses there would be no religion." In what ways, does the body shape religion and religious experience? Watch these videos to learn more about religion and the body.

The Religion 101 Project:
Religious Literacy Through Scholarship

According to a 2007USA Today story, most Americans "get an F in religion." Similarly, a 2010 poll by the Pew Research Center conducted a "U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey" that confirmed how Americans struggle to answer questions about their own religion, as well as others. Out of 32 questions, most respondents answered only half correctly. Quite simply, religious illiteracy is a problem. Media coverage, which typically frames religion stories in terms of conflict, and the spread of misinformation on the web does not help.

In response to the problem of religious illiteracy, the Religion 101 project provides students with access to scholarly perspectives on themes and traditions central to the study of religion. Here, students can find credible views along with varying perspectives on a range of issues in religious studies. Over time, the topics and contributors on this website will grow. Stay tuned!